Flight Bikes sent us a few sneak peak photos of their new full suspension mountain bike.  It has 90mm rear wheel travel using their “Guidance System” linkage design.  It’s a bit hard to tell what that is from this pic, so hit ‘more’ and learn a little sumthin’…

Flight Bikes is based (and their frames are made) in Denver, CO.  While the site’s homepage still says 2007, we assume they’re up to some new tricks with this bike since it’s not shown on their current online lineup.


Once we blew up the image, it becomes a little clearer where they came up with the name “Guidance System.”  In theory, this should reduce lateral flex, and at 4.5 lbs for the frame, it doesn’t seem to add too much weight.  Tubes are (according to their website) all 7000-series Easton aluminum.


True to the boutique builder style, they have a unique and highly detailed headbadge, or, uh, headtube in this case.


  1. Most stupid and redundantly useless suspension system I have ever seen. Besides Mike or Flight-Bikes has made a lot of enemies and from what I hear he’s an arrogant SOB. That’s coming from more than a few sources.

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