Niner Bikes co-founder Chris Sugai proves with a very awesome example that their new full carbon rigid 29er fork is as durable as you could ever want it to be.  Hit ‘more’ to see a still photo…


The fork on the left is their Reynolds steel rigid fork, and it looks a little worse for the wear.  If you didn’t watch the video, this damage was done intentionally with a 16oz hammer with a hub installed in the legs.  The carbon fork has only paint damage, they claim there are no structural failures (cracks or punctures), but they also said you probably wouldn’t want to ride this fork again if something similar happened trailside.  The point was to prove that it’ll take some serious abuse without catastrophic failure.


  1. This video demonstrates why NOT to use Carbon fiber. No visual damage. The fork appears to be fine; even by Chris’ own words, should not be used further.

    Crash your bike. Fork takes impact. Damage occurs. Rider can’t tell. User keeps using. That’s bad.

    I would like to see a cross-section of that carbon fork and see the splintering on the inside. I bet there is visual damage INSIDE the fork.

  2. I like Niner bikes, but the test in the video does not really prove much. A 16 oz. hammer is hardly a simulation of a trail crash and the forces of the person on the bike being imposed on the fork and the trail.

  3. If they want to make the point they should be a little bit more scientific about it. I love their bikes, I’ve ridden the AIR 9 and the SIR 9 and both are really fun machines.

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