Above: Billy Savage ‘field-tests’ a 1940s ‘Klunker’ up near the Oregon border (courtesy of The Morrow Dirt Club)

I went to the Topanga Film Festival last week in California, and it’s clear we’ve come a long way from klunking–front and rear brains, carbon frames, disc breaks, protective gear, etc. If you want to get schooled on mountain-biking history, go see Klunkerz, featuring Gary Fisher, Thomas Richey, Joe Breeze, and some of the OG hippies rippin’ it during their local time trial in Marin County back in the ’70s with hand-made bikes, jeans, and umm no helmets. Check out the trailer.

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photo by Andy Miller

Now, for the Bicycle Film Fest. Originating in NYC, it’s currently in its sixth year. The BFF represents one of the major cultural movements of the past decade: the urban bike movement. This festival unites the arts, music, and cycling communities with the singular passion for riding bikes. It will be in L.A. Aug. 28. Don’t miss it. You’ll get to join in fixed-gear and free-style competitions, listen to great music, and, of course, watch films.

Where-Are-You-Go  BrianVernor&Benny Zenga

You can watch trailers for: Where Are You Go (directed by Benny Zenga and Brian Vernor), I Love My Bicycle (directed by Joe Stakun), Made In Queens (directed by Joe Stevens and Nicolas Randal), The Third Wheel (directed by Brian Schoenfelder), and Down by the Weep Hole: The Story of the Stupor Bowl (directed by Nathaniel Freeman).

–Heidi Volpe


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