2011-manitou-dorado mountain bike suspension fork aluminum legs and crowns

Manitou has leaked the forthcoming 2011 (that‘s right, twenty ELEVEN) Dorado dual-crown suspension fork that should be hitting retailers later this year.

The two biggest differences are the move away from Carbon Fiber legs to aluminum, which lets Manitou drop the MSRP from $2,750 down to a more DH consumer friendly $1,759.  The internals remain unchanged, so there’s nothing new or unproven to mess with the fork’s well-received performance.  The current carbon model weighs in at 2,812g and the new aluminum model will weigh 2,971 despite having slimmer legs and lighter, hollow aluminum crowns.  Some of the new tricks learned in the development of the aluminum legs will trickle up to a new carbon-legged version for the trustafarians, making it even lighter.

Get the full scoop and more pics at PinkBike.com.


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