lazer-baby-on-board-helmet1Lazer Helmets has introduced their “BOB” (Baby on Board) helmets designed specifically for kids that ride in trailers.  The helmets have a flat back to keep kids’ heads flat against the back of the seat or head rest rather than pushing their heads forward.  I haven’t tried one of these helmets with my kids, but I can say that typical cycling helmets do, in fact, push their cute little heads forward, forcing to look down rather than out.

Hit ‘more’ to see the other styles, including the Mohawk model for both boys and girls, and something else with lasers


– Babies Helmet
– Easy to use fit system
– Lightweight
– Extra neck reinforcement
– Washable paddings

– Fit System: Comfit3
– Construction: Glue-On
– Ventilation: 6 vents
– Weight: 235g (M size)
– Certification: CE – CPSC – AS
– Sizes: Unisize (46-52cm)





Of course, everytime Sweetie sees the word “Lazer”, she thinks of this video:

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