Floyd Landis and Deron Williams promote Tour of Utah

Floyd Landis from team Ouch squared off against Utah Jazz guard Deron Williams in each of their respective sports, cycling and basketball. The events were held at the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele Friday Aug, 7th 2009 to promote the 2009 Tour of Utah bicycle race. Landis and Williams competed in a 2.2 mile time trial race followed by a 3-point shoot out.

To find out what happened on the road and on the court, check out the VIDEOS and PICTURES after the break…

Floyd Landis and Deron Williams promote Tour of Utah

Williams actually beat Landis across the line in the 2.2 mile race by about 10 yards, but with one large caveat: Williams had a one minute head start on the world class cyclist. Immediately after crossing the finish Williams fell over “My legs are Jell-O,” he said. Beaming with confidence, Williams challenged Shaquille O’Neal and Lance Armstong to a challenge againt himself and Landis. “It’s all in fun” Williams said, “…I feel like I just rode 100 miles.”

Landis was clearly the superior rider, nearly passing Williams on the 2.2 mile course and closing Williams minute head start. Next it was then time to head to the basketball court. Williams gave Landis a few pointers, and apparently fashion tips. Here’s my question: Where’s Landis’s custom basketball jersey to compliment Williams’s custom cycling kit? We’re looking out for you Landis.


“My shooting is not going to be pretty,” Landis said.  But as Williams missed his first warm-up attempt, Landis cleanly drained a 17-foot shot. Unfortunately for Landis, that was no indication of what would follow. “Sort of went downhill from there,” Landis admitted.

The two started off with free-throw shooting. Williams made 5-of-10 shots, 3 of the 10 shots were left-handed attempts. Landis 2-of-10 free throws and was given with two freebies at the beginning and a several extra shots at the end. Next were 3-pointers followed by lay ups (Landis still getting a few freebies and still coming up short).

To end the evening Williams suggeseed that Landis “See how many times you can jump up and touch the net in five seconds.” Before anyone know what was happening, Williams soared over Landis for an authoritative dunk. The kind of dunk posters are made. For the full story and more pictures like the one below, go to Utah Deseret News.

Floyd Landis and Deron Williams promote Tour of Utah


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