2010 litespeed carbon fiber road bike prototype

Just got these spy shots in fresh from what the anonymous photographer presumes to be the TN headquarters of Litespeed’s HQ.  Dubbed the “ARCHON” (or at least that’s the best we can tell from these pics), it’s a departure from their Titanium roots and looks like it might replace the existing Ti Archon, which oddly enough had been compared to the ride quality of a carbon bike.  The swoopy seatmast section reminds us of Orbea, but the frame is definitely a unique form.  Check how narrow the top tube gets toward the seatmast, and the seatstays flare out near the dropouts.  Also note how tall the chainstays are near the BB and how absolutely MASSIVE the downtube is at the bottom bracket.

More pics after the break…

The black paint on the inside of the fork makes a strong graphical impression.

2010 litespeed archon carbon fiber road bike prototype

You can see the downtube BB area better from this angle….HUGE!  Check out the curvature of the seat tube around the rear tire.


Again…just can’t get past that monstrously large BB area.  Also, note how the top tube curves up to the top of the head tube, giving the bike a lower standover height.  Hidden cable housing for the derailleurs pops out of the bottom of the downtube.  The spec you’re seeing on this bike is doubtfully the final build….the shifters and derailleurs look to be a couple years old, probably pulled from the parts bin to build up a test rig.

PS – our tipster said this is the “C1” model.  Thanks for the leak!


  1. Does look like a Guru…

    Industry insiders will know & remember Litespeeds last venture away from Ti, in their Taiwan-made aluminum & carbon bikes. They forced bike shops to buy them as part of dealership, then the frames broke, didn’t sell and Litespeed ended up selling them on the Internet for less than they charged dealers. Sweet!

    So now they, like everyone else, they are bringing in carbon fiber bikes from Asia. And they even jump on the unitized seat post thang, brilliant, just as most others are backing away from this dim wit idea…
    Yes sirree, reasons to be real excited here!

  2. Stunning. I could do without the ISP. I have a Giant TCR ISP and it didn’t really bring anything to the table. I would be that the down tube/bb area is even bigger/beefier in person. Pictures always seem to shrink that. The first time I saw on of the 2009 Giants in person I couldn’t get over how big the head tube and down tube were.

    Why all the hostility to Litespeed for going to Carbon? Glad to see them going to carbon in a real way — the old Pavia was just a mess and they didn’t even really market the bike. Would it be better for them to limp along sticking to only ti and then go out of biz or get bought up by Pacific? I have a 2007 Siena and it’s a great bike, but my race bike is a Colnago CX1. Carbon is a superior material and it just looks way more badass. I can see the Guru resemblance, but this is a much better execution. The Guru Geneo is a pretty ugly bike for me. The way the tubes flare makes them look triangular. Do we know this bike is from Asia? Git it a chance guys. Might be a great bike.

  3. Is there any doubt that carbon fiber is the way to go? I can’t wait to see new innovations in carbon fiber technology in the next few years! Bikes have never been lighter or cooler-looking!

  4. I currently have an Archon and Cervelo. I’ve also had three other carbon bikes over the past few years. For me (emphasis added), the Archon is far and away the most comfortable bike I’ve ever had. I can do it all with the Archon; tour, train and race. With Bontrager XXX’s, SRAM Red and a few other light components, it’s at 14.75 lbs, with bottle cages, pedals and computer mounts (cadence meter). I’m a big 190 lb sprinter. It’s plenty stiff for me. The Cervelo, although the most comfortable of any carbon bike I’ve ridden, is still distant second to the Archon. So what’s the problem here; well, the majority of today’s buying public want “Carbon”, no matter what brand it is. The “Bling” factor. After all, the Archon is expensive. It’s worth every penny. Although I am saddened by Litespeed’s potential departure from Ti to carbon, but I certainly understand it. I see it as a pure business decision. I certainly don’t want them going under. Although I don’t anticipate buying another Litepeed, since the Archon will live longer than I, I would like to see them keep producing exquisite Ti bikes.

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