MBO_016 by Pedal Nation.

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  1. Somewhere in Oakridge. Probably Tire Mountain Trail or Alpine Trail. I live in Eugene and ride in Oakridge a lot. My advice is to avoid MTB Oregon and tackle the trails on your own. The amount of people that show up at MTB Oregon is insane. A group ride with 70 guys riding single file on singletrack is just sort of lame. Sort of a ridiculous thing for hikers to have to deal with too. It’s one thing to step to the side of the trail to let a couple of MTB’ers get by, it’s another thing to get out of the way of 60 or 70 MTB’ers.

  2. Burt, I can’t say I see the event the same way you do. I have been involved with the event the past couple of years and there are rarely rides with 70 riders. Most rides have around 40-50 people(many have far fewer) and is usually broken down further to allow people to ride with people with similar skill levels. This event might not make sense for a Eugene local but it is a great introduction to the area’s trails and really has become a complete experience with tremendous vendors and their demo fleets along with great beer and grub. It also offers a great opportunity to meet people from all over with a similar passion. I always have fun at this event and the number of available spaces is capped so Randy has been able to limit the damage to the trails while keeping the guide to client ratio high. I always have fun during these weekends and know that Randy puts a ton of work into making sure the clients all do as well.


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