While we’re on the subject of other bicycle bloggers, most of whom have been around longer than us (we’re only one year old this month!), Fat Cyclist has updated that his wife ain’t doing so well.  In case you aren’t familiar with him, here’s the elevator summary:

Elden (aka ‘Fatty’) became fat and out of shape.  He started a blog to tell people how fat he was while riding himself back into shape. He now has monstrous quads and a sweet bike jersey.  He has four kids and a wife.  He’s a prolific supporter and fundraiser for Livestrong because his wife is suffering from Metastatic Breast Cancer. He’s issued a challenge to Lance Armstrong, trying to get him to wear Fat Cyclist arm warmers at Leadville 100 this year if his group can raise $500,000 for the Livestrong Challenge.  They’re at $430,885 right now.

Unfortunately, lately his wife’s condition has been tumbling downhill.  If you have a minute, any words of support via a comment on his site are surely appreciated.


  1. Dear Fatty,
    Your story is a tough one to read, but you’re definitely a strong character and you’ll make it through this no matter how difficult. You’ll do it for the kids, and then for yourself. Keep on writin’, we want to know how you’re doing and it’ll help you through it.
    Kind Regards,
    Kristibee from the Bikerumor team.

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