Artist Marten Wallgren, along with Il Choi, David Seesing and Miika Hekkinen, recently won a Seymore Powell award in the Future City Mobility design competition with their comprehensive “London Garden” transportation vision. (click image to enlarge if you want to read all the fine print)

Centered around the concept of removing cars from a central part of London to create the “London Garden,” the plan revolves around electric bicycles that function as bikes, scooters, bus seats and energy generators.

The bike would be rideable with or without electric assist, and could be switched to an Exercise mode that would allow the rider to generate additional electricity, which could then be used as credit for bus or taxi fare when the bike was nested into the vehicle to transfer its energy.  Additionally, the bus stops would be energy generation stations, and the bikes would be held in “trees” to help collect wind power while the rest of the structure captured solar and water power.

It’s quite a concept, and it’s shown very well in their illustrations and photos after the break…



…and there’s your bus seat.



What do you think?