What In the World is Wrong with this Bicycle?


Seriously…I can’t figure this top bike out.  Click on the image to enlarge, leave a comment if you have any idea what happened to this poor velociped.  Maybe it was a Livestrong bike art project gone awry.  Terribly, terribly awry.

Thanks to Steph for the pic!


14 thoughts on “What In the World is Wrong with this Bicycle?

  1. It’s an old stationary bike. The back is missing the horizontal crossbar. If you look at the front just behind the head tube you see the tension adjuster. It is connected to a hinge that has a small wheel just in front of the head tube. the harder the wheel is pressed into the tire – the harder to ride.

    Any questions?

  2. it’s a stationary bike. dial behind the stem applies friction pressure to the top of the “tire”, solid rubber…

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