Alabama’s liquor control agency has banned Cycles Gladiator Wine because its label protrays a nekkid woman riding (flying?) a bicycle.  The image is from a vintage 1895 cycling poster and has been sold nationwide for years without issue.  Now, however, Alabama’s ABC Board has sent a letter to all stores and restaurants telling them not to sell the wine because the label defies the state’s prohibition on labels that are “offensive or immodest.”

Wow.  If that’s the worst thing someone who’s 21 sees in their day, they’re probably a nun.

My hunch is interest in the wine among Alabamans will increase now, and in the meantime, they can rock out in the sweet Cycles Gladiator bicycle jersey.  Hit ‘more’ to see it…

cycles-gladiator-bicycle-jersey has ’em, and if you type in “bikerumor” when you order, you’ll get a discount.

(Editor’s Note: We don’t get anything if you order from they’re site, they’ve just offered an ongoing discount to our readers as a courtesy.)


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