Adafruit Industries has brought wheel motion animation to the lay people with SpokePOV DIY kits ranging from $37.50 to $99.00.  That’s a hair better than the $2000 system from Monkeylectric we showed you, although the animation potential may be somewhat limited, and the kits only do one color per setup (but the real creatives out there could probably make some good stuff with multiple kits).

They claim full image coverage is possible with one kit when rolling at 15mph.  If you wanna slow your roll and impress the hipsters, get two or three kits and roll as slow as 7mph.

The kit works on Mac, PC or Linux and plugs in via Serial cable or USB (extra connector required, still cheap), and it runs on 2-3 AA batteries for 10+ hours.  Each kit uses 30 LEDs per side and is available in Blue, Yellow, Red or Green.

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