Fools Gold 100 mile Mountain Bike Race North Georgia

The Fools Gold 100 and 50 mile mountain bike races will be held August 15, 2009 in the mountains of north Georgia. The Fool’s Gold is Georgia’s 1st and only 100 mile mountain bike race. Riders can expect lots of single track and a few gravel road grunts. Race promotors say to be prepared to ride hard and drink a few beers.

Again this year the Sweetwater Brewing Co. will be giving a case of Sweetwater 420 to the 1st rider to cross the line a 4:20. Also, the Terrapin Beer Co. will once again give the Turtle Award, a case of Terrapin beer, to the last rider to finish the 50 or 100 mile race. DFL never tasted so good!

Check out the editor’s recap of his experience racing the Fools Gold last year here.

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