Bicycle Design (by way of Frame Forum) posted a bit about this sweet looking triathlon bike from rafael.

Rafael Hoffleit, a 32-year old architect and triathlete from Heidelberg, Germany, designed and built “the world’s first” custom carbon monocoque frames.  He used his expertise from building carbon fiber bits for motorsports and Formula 1 teams (Audi, Mercedes, etc.) and applied them to bicycles.  He developed a proprietary process that allows him to form carbon monocoque frames using adjustable moulds.

His bikes were shown to the full public for the first time this year at the European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition.

Hit ‘more’ for pics of this and two other sick bikes from rafael, a fixie and a road bike…



rafael fixie single speed commuter bike custom carbon fiber monocoque from germany rafael-singlespeed3

Note the Gates Carbon Belt Drive system (click to enlarge). Keeps the bike super clean…it’s almost a shame to put pedals on it.




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