Doing its part to encourage green living, the German brothel Maison d’Envie is offering any customer that arrives by bicycle (or public transport) a €5 discount off the usual €70 rate for a 45-minute session.

Thomas Goetz, owner, said “Obviously we hope that the discount will attract more people. It’s good for business, it’s good for the environment — and it’s good for the girls.”  Goetz said three to five new customers per day are coming in to take advantage of the discount.

The other benefit?  It’s reduced traffic and parking congestion (seriously? how busy are they?)

So relax, swap the helmet for a different type of protection and enjoy being a responsible citizen. It’s good to be green…just tell them the whole “small carbon footprint” thing has nothing to do with the size of your, um, handlebar.

yep…go ahead and comment about how much you abhor this post.  If, however, you enjoyed this, you can read more here and here.  Thanks to @garethsmith for the tip!

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