reboot rebike bicycle with wifi and solar power

Here it is people, the missing link.  This is what we’ve needed all along to get more high powered executives to commute to work by bicycle: The Re:Bike.  Created for the Copenhagen Re:Boot festival, it’s a rolling testament to modern technology combined with the green goodies we all want and need: Solar Power and Bicycles.  The panels power a WiFi transmitter, and if things go well, will soon power lights, GPS and everything else you could possibly need while riding.

Lousy video after the break, and if the sound is lost in translation, it means “daddy, please get a better video camera so you’re not recording my formative years in crappy lo-def…

Via Copenhagenize.


  1. Nice concept but I would think that the extra effort required from having that contraption would less then the extra effort of having one generator hub and a way to convert the power to USB (I’m assuming) and MiFi card. And it’s a little smaller than this solution. I like the idea, but I’m not sure it’s any greener than using generator power, although it does have the advantage of continuing to work whether you’re moving or not.

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