Velo Vie has announced that they will be setting up IBDs (Independent Bike Dealers…aka: Bike Shops) to resell their bikes to complement their online sales.  I suppose this means they’ll have to stop offering big “online only” discounts if they want any dealer to stock their stuff, but I think they’re pursuing the Airborne business model (remember them?), using bike shops to assist with custom fits and orders, then having the bike ship to the shop.

Check ’em out if you’re interested.  Shown above is the Velo Vie Vitesse 300R, which retails for $3000 Web Price! $2,100 for the frame (and fork?), or about $5,160 with a Shimano Dura-Ace build.  They also have an X-Change program mentioned on their website that says customers get a new ride every two years…but no details on that program or how that could possibly be executed at retail through a dealer.  Velo Vie, if you read this, feel free to leave a comment…

What do you think?