gold medalist cyclist victoria-pendleton-fhm-magazine-cover

Let’s hear it for cyclists getting the recognition they deserve, especially when they look good doing it.

British (World Championships) Gold Medalist Victoria Pendleton went from being on the cover of FHM Magazine to getting her fashion on with Wayne Hemingway to benefit Team Green Britain, a group that puts on the annual Green Britain Day.  Designer Hemingway made a one-off dress using the Union Jack lines in green tones out of recycled fabrics.

Pendleton’s also been busy working with EA Sports to promote a new Wii fitness game.  Hit ‘more’ for video of her playing the Wii with co-model/TV star Alesha Dixon and video of her wearing/talking about the green dress.

Oh, there’s also some video of her winning a record-setting third gold medal by taking the World Kierin Track Championship, if you’re into that sort of thing…


I know tomorrow’s our Independence Day, but God bless the UK.


Like the latest Pet Shop Boys song says, “You don’t have to be beautiful, but it helps…”

(Yes, I like the Pet Shop Boys.  Yes, they have a new album out. Yes, it’s freakin’ awesome. Yes, you can click on that link and buy it now.  Yes, it’s called “Yes”)


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