The Better World Club is offering the first and only national roadside assistance for cyclists. You can add the coverage to automotive roadside assistance plans or sign up for cycling only coverage. Cycling coverage includes:

  • Towing: If you need emergency assistance they will send someone to transport you and your bike to where you need to go.
  • Locked Out: Since proving ownership of a bike is tricky, they won’t come unlock a bike for you. But if you do get a bike unlocked by someone else, they’ll reimbuse you up to $50.
  • Flat Tire: They won’t bring you new equipment such as tubes or tires, but they will dispatch someone with commonly available  tools upon request.

Cycling only coverage is $39.95 a year and allows you two service calls and up to 30 miles. Also included with the cycling only membership is enrollment into the League of American Bicyclists, a subscription to Bicycling magazine, and other goodies.

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