rasmus-gjesing-killer-mens-bicycle club racer single speed commuter bike

That’s a lotta words going on in that headline…but it’s hard to pigeonhole this gold-zinc painted bicycle from Rasmus Gjesing.  Originally designed in 2008, it was built to offer a quality option to the lesser quality, mass produced commuter bikes being offered in his hometown of Denmark.

Built from steel with aluminum bars and a Brooks leather seat, it’s painted with zinc paint then powder coated for a flashy gold appearance.  Want one?  $4,300 and it’s yours.

The picture’s kinda wanky, but it looks like a pretty slack head angle…should make for some interesting handling if you actually decided to “race” it around town.  Plus, given that there are no brakes shown, it’s probably out of the price consideration of most fixie kids…sadly relegating it to just another rich boy’s toy status.  Unless, hopefully, those Danes ride better commuter bikes than we Yanks.

What do you think?