Well, little did we know when we posted our call to action earlier today that Texas Governor Rick Perry had already veto’d the bills in question.  Perry, a cyclist himself, has pretty much left the cycling crowd in the Lone Star State speechless with this remark:

“While I am in favor of measures that make our roads safer for everyone, this bill contradicts much of the current statute and places the liability and responsibility on the operator of a motor vehicle when encountering one of these vulnerable road users.”

Great…maybe that’s his SUV in the background.  And maybe we cyclists should take responsibility to avoid cars on the road…because, you know, that makes sooo much sense.

Lance, I don’t know if the rumors and speculation are true, but if you ever felt like running for office down there, here’s a great topic to launch from.  More here,  and if you want to call his office and tell ’em what you think, here’s the number: 512-463-2000.


  1. there isn’t really much that will happen in terms of complaining to the nice lady who answered the phone. Speaking with your representative (if you live in Texas) may help get the bill back in front of the douchebag.
    More power to cars!!!?? WTF?

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