The 40th annual Kinetic Grand Championship was held on Memorial Day weekend.  Participents from all over the country showed up in their homemade rolling works of art. Ready to compete in the three day 42 mile race, peddaling along roads, sandy beaches, and even the Humbolt Bay! 

It all started 40 years ago in 1969, when world-renowned sculpture artist Hobart Brown challenged Ferndale artist Jack Mays to a race down Ferndale’s Mainstreet. In their kinetic contraptions they started a 40-year Humboldt tradition that has spread to Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Baltimore, Maryland and all the way to Perth, Australia.

There are loads of YouTube videos and photos of the event online. Enjoy.


  1. If you haven’t checked out the videos yet, you need to do so! I’ve done this event for the past 10 years and it is both the most fun and the hardest 42 miles you will ever ride. Try pedaling a 65 foot long iguana with 5 friends up a sand dune, and you’ll know what I mean…

    Come on out next year for the 41st Annual and join the Kinetic Madness!

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