2010 rockshox sid world cup mountain bike suspension fork with carbon crown and steerer tube

RockShox has redesigned the SID World Cup for 2010, re-introducing the carbon crown and steerer tube from years past, dropping about 3.5 ounces in the process.

PRESS RELEASE: Rockshox SID World Cup gets a significant update for model year 2010 affecting two parts of the SID chassis and shedding 110 grams. The crown and steerer evolved from the existing aluminum architecture to a hollow one-piece carbon fiber composition. The fork lowers are now full magnesium compared to the magnesium and carbon fiber combination found in the 2009 version. The all magnesium lowers continue to feature Power Bulges, which increase stiffness and bushing durability.

The changes positively affect the overall weight, bringing the fork with full steerer in at 1400 grams (3.09 lbs. -Ed.), while maintaining the incredible steering precision the SID is known for.

The BlackBox Technology carbon crown and steerer attributes, pertaining to strength and stiffness, have been tested in our labs and in the World Cup race arena since 2008. The result is a light chassis that passes the stringent CEN test standards. A year of testing, developing and racing this new carbon crown and steerer has established the next evolution of the SID which remains the king of XC racing.

SID World Cup continues to employ the BlackBox Motion Control damper and Dual Airâ„¢ spring system for vast tunability and ease of service. PushLoc remote lockout actuation is included. All SID forks pair extremely well with Monarchâ„¢ and Arioâ„¢ rear shocks for full suspension proficiency.

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2010 rockshox sid world cup mountain bike suspension fork with carbon crown and steerer tube

Lockout control is ready for the PopLoc remote lockout control lever.  The press release claims it drops 110g, but the dedicated SID website lists the current World Cup at only 1465g, making the difference only 65g…however, there’s no indication of steerer tube length for that weight.


In case you miss it in the graphic, MSRP is a whopping $1,120.  Also, note that the classic SID blue won’t be an option for the WC level fork for 2010…at least not for the aftermarket.  OEM colors remain to be seen.

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