The New York Times interviewed Scot Nichols, founder of Ibis Cycles, and Eric Hjertberg, former new technology manager for Full Speed Ahead, regarding the recent UCI crackdown announcement and a larger debate over technological improvements versus athletic ability.

Nichols argues that the UCI’s claim of considering rider safety first doesn’t pass muster when you consider that they ban disc brakes on ‘cross bikes.  He’s quoted as saying that’s “akin to telling Formula One teams they still need to use drum brakes on their 200 mile-per-hour race cars.”

Hjertberg closes his segment saying that, now that cycling companies are again at the forefront of event sponsorships, that the UCI needs to listen more closely to the needs, ideas and interests of bicycle manufacturers.  He said “sudden, often unaffodable rule changes could seriously destabilize this complex and historic sport.”

The article also covers advances in golf, swimming and tennis equipment.

What do you think?