This is propaganda video from Fibre Flare, the omnidirectional bicycle light.  It’s a cool product, but this video can be described by some or all of the following statements, at least one of which you’ll want to say after watching it:

1) I’ve never understood foreign commercials.

2) That’s two minutes of my life I’m never going to get back.

3) I had to keep watching because I thought eventually there would be a point to it.

Now, forward this post to your co-workers so they can be just as unproductive as you.  For more non-productivity and a Star Wars reference, check our prior post on the Fibre Flare lights.


  1. I disagree.. this clip is original and edgy unlike 99% of promo clips out there that are same same boring.. This is a safety product not a chocolate bar.. how much fun can you have with an ad for a bike light?!.. I love it!

    Full props to Fibre Flare for the video AND the product.. nice one!!

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