New Rusty Spoke Rear Suspension Cruiser Bicycles

rusty spokes cruiser bicycle with rear suspension

Rusty Spokes inventor David Morrow has just launched his new Softcruise cruiser bikes with a patent pending design that includes rear suspension.  His new line includes men’s, women’s and stretch cruisers and they’re available with a choice of single speed, three speed , and seven speed internal hubs with grip shifts.

The Softcruise design incorporates a special rear suspension, coupled with a patented unique chain mechanism that allows the suspension to be extremely effective in creating an ultra comfortable ride.

rusty spokes suspension beach cruiser bicyclerusty spokes suspension beach cruiser bicyclerusty spokes suspension beach cruiser bicycle

Inventor Dave Morrow says “Bicycles were originally called ‘bone shakers’, and with good reason, the only shock absorption was the human body. Later, some manufacturers added front wheel suspension, which provided some relief. But the unique design of Softcruise® rear suspension actually cushions the body where it does the most good; the back. One test ride will convince you they are the smoothest riding cruiser ever made.

MSRP is $379 for the men’s and women’s 26″ versions, and $579 for the stretch. Add $110 for 3-speed and 220 for 7-speed. They’re in stock now, check ’em out at


5 thoughts on “New Rusty Spoke Rear Suspension Cruiser Bicycles

  1. What the? I like it! The stretch looks like a couch. I could see where these would be the ultimate in caddy-like cruiser plushness.

  2. hi, sorry just viewed price on rusty spoke cruiser, and viewed location of shop was in Melbourne, can I get a price on delivery if possible to Kiama, NSW, 2533, thanks

  3. Front wheel suspension does little or no good, less than 15% of your weight is on your arms and shoulders. Obviously, that means 85% goes through your tailbone. An interesting point, the nickname ‘bone shaker’ went away because brakes were installed on the same basic bikes. From that point until now, the cruiser style was known as the safety bicycle.

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