soc09-clifbar_07 2009 SEA OTTER CLASSIC COVERAGE: Clif Bar had several new flavors and packages on demo at Sea Otter, but the coolest thing was their change in packaging materials that let the wrappers be reused to make bags and other things.  Most bars’ wrappers are now compliant, but the “blocks” and gels aren’t using the recyclable material, and you can get your company or bike shop set up to collect and recycle wrappers with their Terracycle partnership.

Speaking of Clif’s Blocks, the big news on those is new packaging to make them easier to dispense while riding, and a new flavor: Mountain Berry (below, left).  It joins their Lemon-Lime and CranRazz flavors.  Each pack is the equivalent of two gel packs. The new “tube” wrapper lets you tooth open one end and squeeze them out one at a time versus the old package that opened wide and had the potential to spill all your precious Bloks on the ground.

soc09-clifbar_06 soc09-clifbar_04 clif bar kids fruit rollup healthy whole food wrap natural organic real fruit snack for children soc09-clifbar_02

The other two newbies are Clif Kids Twisted Fruit organic real fruit wraps (easier to eat than Fruit Rollups and organic) and a new White Chocolate Macadamia Nut flavor Clif Bar. It is delicious.

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