Felt Curbside Fixie / Single Speed Whip


While not new, Felt’s stunning Curbside fixie / single speed bike was worth a few pics. They do have a few new colors though, like this White model, and a Powder Blue.  It’s an aluminum frame with a flip-flop rear wheel so you can run it as a fixed gear bike or a single speeder.

What else is new?  They’re coming out with a Steel version called the Brouhan that’ll be all black and retail for $529. Hit “more” for a few more photos of the bike you now want to own…


The bike comes with the tool to remove and flip your rear wheel, conveniently attached with wing nuts.  Also conveniently attached to the tool is a bottle opener.




Straight bar, 31.8 all the way across, with tape wrap for grips.  Solid.


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