soc09-ibis_07 2009 SEA OTTER CLASSIC COVERAGE: The Ibis Hakkalugi (get it…hack a loogie?) is a totally new bike for them.  It’s sold as a frame for $1,400 or frame/fork combo (no headset) for $1,700.  Frame is made of High Modulus Carbon Fiber with a weight of 1250g.  Built as shown with SRAM Red it’s about 16lbs complete.

One of the coolest features is the rear brake cable hanger.  Hit “more” to see a close up and other pics…





  1. Thanks for the great overview.

    Does anybody know how well this bike rides? I trust that it is stiff, responsive, and fairly comfortable riding posit versus a straight racing bike.

    I am trying to decide between this and a Cervelo S1 or RS as a bike to do my 40mi, 3x/ week fitness rides. Want smooth, fast, and great hill climbing.

    Any help or ideas appreciated!


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