soc09-cyclelogical_11 2009 SEA OTTER CLASSIC COVERAGE: Cyclelogical had all manner of cycling bags intended for commuters, from back packs to messenger bags to pannier bags to a tote that hooks to a rack. Their messenger bag (above) folds wide open to allow easy access to all the pockets and, like the backpack, is designed to hold all sorts of clothing and work items to facilitate riding to the office.  Hit “more” to see all their bags…


The messenger bag folds all the way open for easy access, just like their backpack (below).


The front flap lifts to reveal a big mesh pocket for dirty clothes and such.


Inside are pockets for shoes, clothes, helmet, etc.


A separate zippered section on the back has a padded area for your laptop.


The outside of the front flap has a velcro strip for attached accessories like this solar charging panel, which can juice up your phone or MP3 player as you pedal along.


For bags that go on the bike, they had this waterproof pannier bag (above) and a shopping tote (below).



…and if you STILL need to carry more stuff, they have this gaiter to keep your pants from getting greased.  It has reflective stitching and a fairly large pocket that would accommodate a wallet, passport, etc.



  1. I have purchased the commuter backpack and have not once regretted it. I have used it for multiple applications (commuting, grocery shopping, overnight trips, etc.) and have not once been able to fit everything into the bag. The straps are comfortable even when fully loaded and the built in seperators keep my stuff well organized. The sailcloth one is lighter but I went with the black bag that has reflective thread all over the back. I highly recommend this bag, it’s usefulness goes beyond commuting on bike.

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