Niner’s W.F.O. 29er full suspension mountain bike is now available for pre-order.  Here’s the pertinent facts:

– Color options are Milk Dud Ano or Vanna White (NEW ADDITION!!!!)

– 5.5″ of CVA travel

– Frame/shock options and MSRP:

  • 135mm Rear spacing with no shock: $1750
  • 135mm Rear with FOX RP23 with extra volume air can: $1899
  • 135mm Rear with FOX DHX 5.0 Air :$2099
  • 150mm Rear with no shock: $1949
  • 150mm Rear with FOX RP23 with extra volume air can: $2099
  • 150mm Rear with FOX DHX Air 5.0: $2199

The reason for the frame available without a shock is for those that like to run heavy things like coil shocks.  This way, you can pick your own…just like your nose and your friends.  Now pick your Niner dealer and go get on the list. Hit “more” to see their carbon fork and updated info on it…

niner bikes 29er mountain bike carbon fork rigid update

FROM NINER: The carbon fork pre-order has gone extremely well! Many riders are as excited as we are about this new fork. Much work and design has gone into the fork and we get a lot of questions about the shape, strength and quality of our first carbon product. Check out some of the thoughts behind our design here.

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