In a concerted effort to help pump up the sport of BMX and its newest members, and further promote the REDLINE brand of bikes and products, 6-time ABA No.1 Vet Pro JASON CARNE$ will be stopping off at the following tracks throughout this summer to put on a Free Flight School (BMX Clinic).

These Clinics will be targeting BRAND NEW BMX racers – newbies, novice and intermediates. Each Flight School will be limited to the first 40 riders – with 1st choice spots going to Brand New Members. Experts may fill the final spots – if or when available. And you read it right – the cost is FREE. Each student of the Redline Flight School will be taught the basics by 6-consecutive No.1 Vet Pro champion Jason Carne$. For those who caught him on the episode of M-TV’s “MADE” last year, you’ll not only learn a lot but also have a whole lot of fun.

For participating, each Flight School graduate is going to leave with a REDLINE Goody Bag full of Catalogs, stickers and various swag-product – including a FREE Flight School T-shirt! The local Redline Dealers will also be tied in to each local Clinic, and will be offering specials on Redline complete bikes and parts.

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