In what’s sure to make mounting your cycling computer even trickier, Ritchey’s new SuperLogic 10D carbon handlebars offer a 10º sweep for ergonomics like a riser bar but with the more aggressive stance of a flat bar.  The forward bends keep the rider’s position the same as with a flat bar, so you don’t have to readjust your bike’s fit.

The SuperLogic version, which trumps WCS as the new top o’ the line trim level for Ritchey, weighs in at just 168g for a 620mm width 31.8mm clamp diameter bar.  It’s constructed of unidirectional (UD) carbon fiber and MSRP’s for $259.95.

They also offer a WCS aluminum and WCS carbon version, with several width options.  Read “more” for pics and specs on those…


The aluminum WCS Mountain Flat 10D is made of seamless TRX50 with triple butted construction and is bead blasted and anodized to improve fatigue strength.  Available in 700mm and 660mm widths.  In what appears to be a magical bending of physical laws, both have a claimed weight of 235g, however the narrower bar uses a “wet” finish (ie. paint) rather than the anodization, which likely adds a bit of weight to make it even with the wider bar.  MSRP is 89.95 for the 700mm and $109.95 for the 660mm.


The WCD Mountain Flat 20D Carbon bar also uses UD carbon fiber construction and weighs 178g for a 660mm width.  The extra 10g over the SuperLogic version saves you $20.00 off MSRP ($239.95).

Supposedly, the difference between the two is a lighter resin for the SuperLogic lineup.  Of course, you could just do away with a cycling computer, save more than 10g in the process and use the extra $20 to buy twenty tacos on dollar taco day…every town has one somewhere.

Mmmmmm…. Tacos.



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