Via a THIS LINK on Mapmyfitness.com, you can get a free sample of Febreze’s new “sport” odor eliminator.  Seeing as how odors don’t like to wash out of synthetics or armpits, I’m hopeful.    Like the rest of the Febreze product line, there’s no actual technical explanation of how this works or what, in fact, “X-Sweat Technology” is or how it removes odors that soaking and repeated washings won’t…which is annoying for us technical types, but the proof is in the pudding, and I’ll report back on whether it works when we get our free sample in.


  1. hey

    now, i am no expert on the subject of chemaical analysis and the like – but – i have heard recently in the news that “fresheners” like febreeze contain “volatile organic compounds” or VOC or something like that. these compounds are hazardous to human health – or so i understand it.

    i think this stuff “works” because of these compounds. personally, i do not use any of these products cuz, as the saying goes…”if it too good to be true, it probably is”.


  2. sc, I am also wary of these type products when they don’t disclose their ingredients. What do they have to hide? Probably something they don’t want you to know about–that’s why, to my husband’s chagrin and the unfortunate continuation of his smelly undershirts, I don’t buy these products. It would be interesting if Wired magazine would do one of their “What’s Inside” articles on these types of products (specifically Febreeze, since it’s so popular).

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