We all know cycling is low impact, which is great for knees and backs, and that’s especially important for heavier folks that really, really need to get some exercise.  The problem (according to Super Sized Cycles) is that many bikes are not made to safely handle someone who weighs over 200 lbs.

Offering overbuilt bicycles, trikes and electric bikes since 2006, they can help you find the right bike for your needs.  

After looking through their website, most of the bikes look totally normal and some are pretty cool.  They have a Newsboy that’s reminiscent of old-school townie/beach cruisers.  The “New Leaf”, shown at left, is a Chromoly steel frame with 8-speed internal geared hub, front disc brake (coaster rear) and upright seating position for comfort.  It’s claimed to hold up to 550 lbs, comes in Black or White and retails for $1,970.  Yes, that’s a bit expensive, but keep in mind it’s intended for “heavy” use and they back up the frame with a lifetime warranty w/ free return shipping and repair.  At 54 lbs (*gasp*)for the complete bike, it’s probably built tougher than most freeride and downhill bikes.

So, if you know someone that could use some exercise, tell them to get off their fa you’d love to take them for a ride and help them pick out a bike that’ll work well and that they’ll enjoy riding.


  1. I recently received my Zize New Leaf. It was unfinished and not able to be assembled due to poor welds. I’ve had great difficulty contacting Zize over the nearly four months I’ve waited for this bike but when they responded, it was to tell me that they would send me the missing pieces and give me a list of what they would send and what tools I would need to repair my brand new bike.
    After additional correspondence, Zize did offer to refund my money if I would send the bike back but this was a gift and would put me back four months of trying to find a bike for a large person, so I decided to repair it myself.
    The quality of the finish is comparable to department store bikes.

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