From Ron and Pua Sawicki: While training and living in our new home town of Yucaipa, California Pua hooked up with the newly formed Yucaipa high school mountain bike team. The team is part of the So-Cal interscholastic cycling league which was started this year by Quinton Easton. The boys call her coach and she works with them on everything from technique to nutrition. She almost always brings along our dog Koa, who runs along with the boys as they train and has become the team mascot.

This Sunday will be the first race for the league and everyone is really excited. Pua had the team come over to our house this weekend for a clinic, teaching them how to keep their bikes up and running and even how to fix a chain break on the trail.

The team is made up of around 20 boys (no girls yet but they’re working on it) and three coaches, head coach Mike Bagg who teaches Geometry & computer science, Scott Kennedy who teaches English & digital publishing and Pua.

It’s really exciting to see the kids get so into the training and racing. We are sure this will not only be great for the future of the sport but also cycling in general. For more info on the league go to

Also, Pua has a new blog up on the our website dedicated to her Kieki’s mountain bike team. She is featuring one rider each month with fun pics and an interview. It’s a really fun read, check it out!

(Editor’s Note: Pua discussed her creation of the Keiki team in our recent interview with her, too)


  1. This sounds like an excellent organization. I do not know of many High School mountain bike organizations. To offer the sport at school is excellent!

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