Maverick Software has released TriCalc, an iPhone application for triathletes, designed by a triathlete. Great for estimating your splits for an upcoming race or analyzing a workout, TriCalc has three time/distance/pace calculators combined into one easy to use app. For swimming, cycling, or running, the iPhone user simply enters the two variables they know (for instance, time and distance), and the third (pace) is instantly calculated. The individual sport times, plus adjustable T1/T2 times, are combined to give a final race time.

TriCalc is great for playing with estimated paces for a race, adjusting the speeds for each sport to see what a final time will be. With both custom and pre-set distances, quickly select anything from sprint, olympic or iron distances or enter the exact distance down to a hundredth of a mile or kilometer, or in yards/meters for swimming.

TriCalc is available for $1.99 through the iPhone App Store and works with all versions of the iPhone (3G and original) and iPod Touch. Read “more” for additional details and screenshots…

  • Solves for time, distance, or pace.
  • Enter numbers with dials or a keyboard.
  • Live recalculating – change any of the inputs and the result is instantly displayed. Great for playing with paces to see what your final projected times might be.
  • Supports miles or kilometers (for running & biking) and yards or meters (for swimming), with automatic conversion between units.
  • One-touch pre-set distances for easy and accurate calculations on common races (5K, 10K, Olympic, Half Iron, Ironman, etc).

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