Speed channel TV Star and motorcycle stunt king Jason Britton will perform a stunt show, guest announce, and shoot a segment of his popular TV show SuperBikes at the Fontana leg of the US Cup on March 28 and 29th. Jason joins motorcycles converts Johnny O’Mara and Ben Bostrom as part of Sho-Air International’s efforts to reach to the mainstream while promoting the sport of Mountain Biking in the US.

“I’ve known Scott Tedro, President of Sho-Air for over a decade,” states Britton. “He and I used to ride motorcycles together, and he helped me make my first stunt video. I raced BMX as a kid, have ridden road bikes for fitness for years, and more recently have turned towards mountain bikes to keep in shape. I’m stoked to help grow the sport in any way I can, and look forward to creating a scene at Fontana.”

“It’s awesome that Jason wants to bring outside exposure to our sport,” adds Tedro. “His stunt shows are unbelievable and will bring people who don’t normally watch mountain bike racing into our venue. When Jason gets on the mic to pump the bicycle racers, that will bring mainstream credibility to our sport. Maybe we’ll get him out for a lap or two on the XC course!”

Jason stars on his own show on Speed TV, where he travels the world doing motorcycle stunt shows and meeting movers and shakers in the motorcycle industry.
Be sure to visit Jason’s “No Limits” website to see more of what makes this phenomenal athlete and bike handler tick.

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