Coach Levi, who holds the self titled honor of being the “Internet’s Cycling Coach” (funny, I didn’t know the internet rode a bike. – Editor) had these posted on his site, which he copped from another site, about how to get aero on your mountain bike.  I needn’t comment.  Click the pic to enlarge, and hit “more” for another pic…


  1. Further defense of my idiocy can be found on Coach Levi’s site, but I felt I should point out that I did win this race. Man, thank God for the internet.

  2. Look at the road rash on that guy’s right leg (below the knee). It is apparent that he has perfected this technique.

    I strap a 2 year old power bar on top of my handlebars and bite into it. The my arms go behind my back and WHOOOOOSH!

  3. Well unless he’s pushing those fat tires at 30mph there’s no need to tuck. Aerodynamic doesn’t come into play until around 25+ so he’s waisting more energy just holding that position. Why are athletes so gullible?

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