A little birdy sent us some spy shots of the upcoming Niner carbon fiber rigid 29er mountain bike fork.  The fork has been in development for about a year, and Niner’s top racers have been testing it recently…they even mention it in our recent interview with them.

It’s full carbon, tip to tip, steerer tube to dropouts.  Shown above on a testing machine, click “more” for pics of a painted version on what I think is Niner founder Steve Domahidy’s bike…

Click picture to enlarge.  The official release is set for Sea Otter, and we’ll be there to cover it.


  1. That fork looks scary! Their method of load testing is virutally useless. They obviously don’t know the loads applied to a fork in the real world.

  2. I’ve been riding this fork for a while, at 225lbs, it hasn’t let me down. It is very compliant, you almost forget that it is a rigid fork. As for the method of testing, that is a pretty standard industry test for shear force.

  3. Looks awesome painted. Hopefully they’ll offer it in all the colors to match their frames. What’s the axle to crown length?

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