american mountain classic mountain bike stage race brian head utah elevation cycling bicycle adventure event registration opens

Registration for the American Mountain Classic mountain bike stage race is now open.  The race is August 20-23, 2009, in Brian Head, UT

We interviewed race organizer Tom Spiegel about this event in a previous post.  Like to read it?  Here it goes


  1. guys, that site says it doesn’t open till March….?
    what’s the word?
    and it appears that is the old registrants from 08?


  2. Good eye, OH Farmer…we should have checked that before we posted it. Tom Spiegel, the race director, emailed us to say registration was open, so we posted without checking. I’ve emailed Tom to get clarification. – Tyler (editor)

  3. Thanks gang,
    had me scared I missed out already. I am going if you need a writer/eye in the sky if you will.
    I just need you to find me a dual susp. frame 🙂 hint hint…
    could do some daily’s if you are interested.


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