lance armstrong gets girlfriend anna hansen pregnant despite having only one testicle and recovering from testicular cancer.

Lance Armstrong and girlfriend Anna Hansen are expecting a baby, due in June, in what is considered by modern science, Perez Hilton and CNN to be just shy of a miracle.

Anna is a program manager and recruiter for First Descents, a healing-through-adventure-sports program for young adults with cancer.  She and Lance met through shared charity work.

The “miracle” part of this story, and what’s giving hope to testicular cancer survivors everywhere, is that the baby was conceived naturally rather than through in vitro fertilization like Lance’s first three children.

Perhaps all that FRS Energy Drink went straight to the money maker (man, I feel dirty writing this).  It’ll be interesting to see if the June birth affects his performance in July’s Tour de France.  At the very least, it’ll provide some good baby-mama-drama for television (jeez, this is bad, I’m outta here). 

What do you think?