Wheeltags and Zippzipp today announced a partnership that allows Zipp’s ZEDTECH customers the ability to create fully custom decals for their custom wheels. Wheeltags will handle the creation of custom ZEDTECH decals, as well as the unique flash feature within Zipp’s completely re-designed ZEDTECH website.

The new custom decal feature within the ZEDTECH website lets customers select from two different pricing levels. The first pricing level, $160 (US) for one wheel, includes complete color customization within the CMYK spectrum. The second pricing level, $220 (US) for one wheel, allows ZEDTECH customers to choose between complete color customization as well as a lighter/thinner OR reflective material.

“ZEDTECH represents the absolute pinnacle in custom performance race wheels. With options for Si3N4 silicon nitride ceramic bearings, rim laminates, spoke nipple colors, flange cap colors, and end cap colors, adding custom decals was the next logical step to meet the demands of the most discerning bicyclist on earth. With all of these options available ZEDTECH customers can truly have a one-of-a-kind wheelset.” said Andy Paskins, Marketing Manager for Zipp Speed Weaponry in Speedway, IN.

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