portland oregon bicycle film festival poster art volunteer free entry ticket admission

Couple of updates to this post (12/9):

The Portland edition of the Bicycle Film Festival is headed to Portland, OR, this weekend, and they’re looking for volunteers for two three hour shifts on Saturday, December 13.

In exchange, you’ll get free entry to the movies.  The festival runs different programs on Friday and Saturday, so there’ll be plenty to see when you’re not working.  There’s also an after party at Holocene, but your on your own to finagle entry to that and it’s free.

Interested?  Contact Zoe at zoe@bicyclefilmfestival.com or 917-304-9632.

Want something else free?  Click on the image to see the full size poster, then print it out.  Presto, free poster.

Read “more” to see some of the video trailers…

Fast Friday (above) and The Way Bobby Sees It (below)


Road to Roubaix (above) and Orange Bikes Take Manhattan (below)

What do you think?