NiteRider had their new 2009 MiNewt USB commuter light on display at the MTB Oktoberfest.  They weren’t demoing them for the racers, it’s only intended for commuter and city use.  It charges in 4.5 hours via any USB Port on your computer or via the included wall charger, runs for 3 hours and puts out 110 Lumens.

It weighs only 175g, so it’s light enough to use for a back-up handlebar light during races (your helmet light should be your primary light source…IMO).  Click the “more” link to see additional pics that better illustrate the features and show how little this thing is…

The MiNewt USB is also available as the MiNewt USB Plus, which includes a helmet mount.

This is the light next to one of my business cards…pretty small!  (yes, that’s an old pic…from the Conyers 24 Hours of Adrenaline series years ago, if you must know)

Front of the box.

Back of the box.

You guessed it…Side of the box.

The rep said they have a new SlickRock 900 coming out around Valentine’s Day 2009.  It’s in their catalog and was supposed to launch around Interbike, but their bulb supplier may have overstated their ability to develop a 920 Lumen HID bulb, so they have their engineers working together to solve the problems.

Lastly, they have a new taillight coming out called the Cherry Bomb that doubles as a reflector when the light’s not on.  Seems like an obvious enough concept, but NiteRider claims it’s the first and only blinky that’s also a reflector.


What do you think?