NOTE: This video is available in HD! Mouseover the video, click the “HD is Off” button, then click in the middle and a new Vimeo window will open with the HD version.

I went out to the MTB Oktoberfest this past weekend to meet up with six of the pros that were racing.  The video above gives you the run down on the race bikes for Pua Sawicki, Ernesto Marenchin (aka Sologoat), Jeremiah Bishop and Harlan Price.  NOTE: The audio gets a little crappy for the last bit of Ernesto’s bike, but comes back on fine for the rest of the interviews.

I’ve also got video of Tinker’s and Nat Ross’ bike, but the audio didn’t come through, so that’s shown after the break (click “more”) with no sound.  Turns out the mic jack on our HD camcorder wasn’t intended for heavy use…great.

If you’ve ever wondered what they ride, here’s your chance to see them review their bikes and component selection in person.

This second video has half of Tinker’s audio (the 2nd half), and none of Nat’s.  Sorry guys, I tried.

Another post is coming soon with a round table interview of all the athletes…probably not what you’re expecting.  



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