…verbally and intellectually, of course.  I’m not advocating real violence.

Check out this moron’s argument about keeping mountain bikers out of the National Parks.  Apparently, in his eyes, mountain bikers are just as much a nuisance as snowmobiles (we are a noisy, polluting lot, aren’t we?) and horses (and man do we poop a lot…and right on the trail!).  Give me a break.  Fortunately, the comments on that post are well written defenses of mountain biking and cycling in the NPS.

The last time I checked, mountain biking wasn’t an option when the NPS (National Park System) was formed, so to argue that we were never an intended use is completely off base.  This is why it’s important to join IMBA.

After you read Moron’s post, read this one to help calm you down a little.

What do you think?