Originally, I intended to do a little post about Peace Coffee and their little picture contest.  It’s simple, you take pictures of cool things you see while riding your bike (Harlan, are you reading this?) and email them to “deliveryteam(at)peacecoffee.com“.  They’ll pick the ones they like and use them in their next ad.  In return, you get a pound o’ beans and some cycling socks.

Now, about these belts.  When I went to Peace Coffee’s website, this little item rotated through a window.  They sell them on their online store, and the guy that makes them doesn’t have his site up yet.  They’re $24.00 and each one is guaranteed to be different.  They’re made from recycled tires and bike chain, so the tread pattern and wear will be different on all of them, but the width will be the same.

Now, cool factor aside…do you think it’d be a little tough to undo in a hurry?  Like, say, if you drank a ton of coffee and really, really had to go?

What do you think?