If my headline worked, you’re now mentally humming the Transformers theme song, pretending to mimic that robotic voice and hopelessly trying to remember more than the main verse.

Happy Bike, in the meantime, has produced a real transformer in the form of a folding bike that can actually be ridden.  Since their website is heavy on the Engrish and light on useful information, I couldn’t find specs to see if you could actually carry this on and put it in the overhead…but that would be cool.  Then you could unpack it after security and ride around the airport.

The only downside is that when it’s not a bike, it transforms into a boring suitcase.  Kind of like Frenzy (robot, tape), when it wasn’t in it’s action state, it was a lame cassette tape that just sat there.


  1. The Suitcase Bicycle (A.K.A. Carriable or Carryable Folding Bike) has been in development for several years. Following are links to 3 stories I’ve done on this product. The first contains the original computer sketches. The 2nd story includes a slideshow of the prototype being assembled and the last one includes photos of the bike on display at a bike show earlier this year in Asia…

    I had hoped to have one in time for InterBike but that didn’t work out so I rode a CarryMe DS in Vegas instead.

    Update: Fantastic, Transforming Folding Bike

    Carryable Folding Bike

    Carryable Folding Bike – Prototype Photos


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